Getting Ready To Export

This guide provides advice on the first steps in preparing your company for livestock export. It deals with learning the basics of exports, how to proceed, and who to contact for help.

It provides in a very practical way hints on business opportunities in livestock trade and its potential to local traders and foreign investors.

First Steps In Export

The main documents that are relevant to the exporter are listed hereunder:
• Invoice
• Packing list
• Bill of lading / Airway bill
• Bill of entry
• Insurance certificate (if applicable)
• Certificate of inspection (if applicable)
• Certificate of origin (if applicable)
• Certificate of health (if applicable)
• Export permit (if applicable)

Learning the basics

Successful livestock exporters are adaptable, well-organised and committed to growing their business abroad.

You first need is to learn how foreign livestock markets operate and how your company can adapt to this environment.

Speaking to already well established livestock entrepreneurs in Somaliland would be the best starting point for a new exporter.

However the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (SCCIA) is rich with information, which can provide you with more information on products and markets, trade regulations both locally and in the country that you intend to target.

Who can help

The Somaliland Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture can link you with potential foreign trade partners. It also creates awareness of trade activities that could be of interest to you. thsese include trade exhibitions in foreign countries as well as local exhibitions by foreign traders.

Ministry of Commerce and Industry provides information on export markets and opportunities.

The internet is also a valuable source of information depending on what type of information you desire.

Attend Workshops

Workshops/trainings for exporters organised through the Chamber of Commerce are an excellent way to learn simple rules of trading. More importantly, they provide you with an opportunity to meet, network and share information with others sharing similar experiences like you.

Take your staff to these events too. Export is not a one-person activity in the company.

Everyone needs to be involved.

Check out competiton

You will require some basic knowledge on the competition for the lucrative markets, such as those in the Middle East if you are profit-oriented. Look up what your competitors are doing in export – including your foreign competitors like Australia, Pakistan and India from the internet.

Do some comparing to help you see what things will make you succeed.

Useful websites for the competition

Council for Australian–Arab Relations
Includes reference material for this publication.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Essential advice on countries, trade developments, travel advisories.

Valuable information on preparing for export, data on overseas markets.

Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Essential site for Australian exporters to the Arab world.

Australian Arab Communities Council
The Australian Arab community. Cross-cultural awareness seminars.

Useful Websites


  • Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry –
  • Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry –
  • UAE Federation of Chambers of Commerce –
  • Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry –
  • Chamber of Commerce Eastern Province – (Dhahran) –
  • Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce –
  • Riyadh Chamber of Commerce & Industry –
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry –
  • Bahrain Chamber of Commerce –
  • Amman Chamber of Commerce –
  • Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines –