Investment Opportuntites

Somaliland has abundant and untapped locally available resources and encourages local and international investor to exploit these resources. The state has abundant human resource that can be utilized. The government of the republic of Somaliland has enacted new law on the promotion; protection and guarantee of foreign investment (see foreign investment law ).

The law offers very favourable incentives to foreign investors such as tax advantages. Moreover there are guarantees against expropriations. Under the new law priority shall be given to foreign investments in the areas of agriculture, livestock, fishing, mineral resources, and industrial activities.

The foreign investment promotion office established at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is responsible for the administrative and promotional activities for the Investment Law. Currently an Italian foreign fishing company and 36 medium sized Egyptian vessels have been licensed to by the government to harvest an average per boat of about 30m/tons monthly. Total annual fish catch from all local and the licensed sources is estimates at 19,000m/tons yearly while actual annual potential capacity per the UBDP reports is estimated at 90-120,000m/tons.

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