Beeyada iyo maydiya


Frankincense has traditionally been one of Somaliland’s major export activities, but today the sector is in a state of neglect. Most of the production takes place in Sanaag region, in the highland forests of the Gollis range.

Trade was disrupted during the civil war, though export has now gradually resumed and now takes place on a scale comparable to pre-war levels. Since production and exports are no longer regulated, some are concerned that trees are being tapped excessively.

Two types of commercial frankincense are collected: maydi (Boswellia frereallia) and beeyo/moxor tree (Boswellia carteri).

All the frankincense growing areas are divided into ardaas (units) that produce on average 625kg of gum. There were 2013 farms, but only about 200 of them are operating now, because, people have limited resources. Although production appears to have recovered from the impact of the war, the export earnings for Somaliland from frankincense have been dramatically reduced from pre-war levels.

There is need for state support to frankincense producers in order to facilitate certain aspects of production and the export trade. These include the reestablishment of private trading networks and facilitating market access.