Major Fishing Companies

Major Fishing Companies

The major fishing companies in Somaliland are:

    • Red sea
    • Xeeb Soor
    • Ximre

The companies are located in Berbera. They supply approximately 100m/tons of fresh fish caught in the Berbera-Karin area to Berbera, Burao, and Hargeisa monthly. The most active coastal area in Somaliland is Las Qorey because of the fishing processing factory that alone sustains lively for more than 700 fishermen. Local catch in Hiis and Mait is comparatively lower.


Major fishing zones in the Red sea are rich with the following highly valued species as well are pelagic stocks. Yellow fin tuna, Groupers, Goat fish Common mackerels, Mullets, Sardine, Emperor, Sea cucumber, Croakers Cat fish, Cobia, Horse mackerel, Grant, Red snapper, Crustaceans (lobsters and shrimps), and other highly valued species.