Constraints to Development

There are several constraints to the development of fishing in Somaliland. These include:fishing-5

  • Lack of investments into the sector
  • Economically weak public sector
  • Absence of basic infrastructures along the coast
  • Insufficient information about the resources and the habitats
  • Limited number of skilled personnel
  • Lack of market information.
  • Poor enforcement in fisheries laws
  • Poor planning, research and training
  • Poor management of micro economic of fishing business
  • Poor coordination between stakeholders and the ministry


Investment opportunities.
The amount of investment required in the fish sector is larger than the capacity of the public and private sector in Somaliland. There is need to source for funds from foreign private commercial companies. In order to encourage the prospectus investor the ministry of fisheries and coastal development will undertake the following;

  • To allow the investor to operate the business in a manner, which is in the interest of the business without interference
  • That the investor obtains attractive concession and rights
  • To make sure that loaned boats are selling their catches to the investor, until all loan is paid

To permit an agreed number of investors vessel to target exclusive offshore resources as a trail.