Visiting the Market

Visit your potential market; participate in trade exhibitions and also foreign based Somali traders associations will provide you with first hand information. As an exporter the information would afford you the opportunity to assess your competition from locally produced products and other exporters already in the market. This will enable you to meet potential trade partners face-to-face. The Chamber of Commerce organizes trade exhibitions and you can contact them for more information.

Export Financial Arrangements

These are normally much more complex than those for domestic trade. Most of the payments are made upfront and therefore you need to determine the funds you require and make adequate arrangements for sourcing these funds.

An understanding of foreign currency exchange rates may be required. Sometimes, currency fluctuations may occur and in the process you may receive less proceeds than you expected or pay more than you expected or planned.

The leading markets for Somaliland’s livestock export and other products are gulf countries such as Dubai, Yemen, Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain.