Networking Opportunities

As an exporter the information would afford you the opportunity to assess your competition locally and other exporters already in the market. It also enables you to meet potential trade partners face-to-face.

You will also get the opportunity to determine what kind of business you can undertake which has more returns. For you to get this information you need to network with other foreign investors and local traders.

How Do I Attend Network Events

The Chamber of Commerce organizes trade exhibitions and you can contact them for more information.

Key benefits of networking events: you will get first hand information pertaining to markets and also you create business links that will expose you to other lucrative livestock markets in the Middle East.

Developing A Website

You can create you own website where potential business clients can reach you. The web site will also help traders to know the kind of trade you are involve and this kind of information will expands you business both locally and internationally.

Both local and international investors are also encouraged to advertise in this website