Chamber’s Functions

Functions of the Chamber

For the chamber to serve the business community and fulfil its mandate it has the following functions.

  1. To represent and safeguard the interests of its members and the business community in general and promote their activities.
  2. To promote the national economy through encouragement of production and enhancement of export and import substitution policies.
  3. To organise participation of trade fairs within the country and abroad.
  4. To constitute a forum for the business community and the government to exchange views on matters concerning the development of national economy as well as issurance of new laws related to the economy.
  5. To seek and find wider markets for Somaliland goods and services.
  6. To promote good business practices and provide the best possible services to its members on a sustainable basis.
  7. To collect, compile and disseminate statistical data and other information pertaining to trade, commerce, industry, agriculture, fishery and livestock.
  8. To maintain a directory of membership.
  9. To organize/participate in trade fair, exhibitions in addition to conferences, seminars etc, which is relevant to the chamber both within and outside the country.
  10. To collaborate with regional/international chambers, organization, or bodies in order to foster mutual beneficial relationship.
  11. To send business delegations abroad with the aim of establishing commercial links, promoting investment and trade, location markets for local products and encouraging joint ventures.
  12. To receive foreign business delegations and arrange meetings between them and the Somaliland business community to exchange information as well as experiences for commercial relations.
  13. To study the problems and difficulties confronting the national economy and suggest solution in collaboration competent experts.


The Somaliland chamber of commerce, industry and agriculture has constantly strived to provide various services to its members to enable them better carry out their activities. The services include;

  • Offering services, general assistance on trade and investment as well as business opportunities.
  • Providing library services with a range of trade documents and foreign business directories.
  • Arranging and hosting different training courses, seminars and workshops of interest to the members of the chamber and the business community as well as for the chamber staff.
  • Defending the interest and the rights of the chamber members and presenting their concerns and opinions to the appropriate authorities.
  • Collection and dissemination of information on business trends both inside and outside the country.
  • Issuing of export documentation such as Certificate of Origin.
  • Attesting signatures, commercial invoices and other relevant documents.
  • Mediating and solving commercial disputes through arbitration amongst its members or between local and foreign businesses.
  • Proposing the enactment of laws, regulations and procedures that encourage foreign investment and enhancing the overall economic well-being.