Challenges facing the sector

The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources is responsible for the fishing sector and has identified the following challenges to the sector:

  1. Lack of natural shelters, protected anchorages, and landing sites for fishermen. Somaliland has a relatively straight coastline.

  2. Unusually strong currents and a lack of maintenance ruin fishing facilities beyond repair. Unfavourable climatic and oceanographic conditions and shifting winds cause unpredictable currents and waves, which pose a constant threat to the fishing fleet.

  3. Prevailing high temperatures throughout the year, high humidity, and difficulty in accessing the richest fishing areas reduce the chances of catching and selling fish

  4. Scarcity of ice and lack of freezing and cold storage facilities limit the opportunities for the fishing along the entire coast.

  5. Lack of experience in the maintenance of boat engines and hulls by traditional fishermen

  6. Scarcity of appropriate workshops with qualified technicians and the absence of local shops selling engine spare parts and nets have combined together to curtail the smooth running of the fishing activities. The spare parts which can be secured are usually over-priced, and a great deal of time is lost in waiting for their delivery, leaving many vessels idle for long periods of time.

  7. Lack of statistical data, which could form the basis for private sector investment. Although the Ministry of Fisheries and Ports Management is responsible for data collection, very little has been achieved in this priority area. Progress has been thwarted by lack of qualified personnel and basic equipment for data collection within the ministry. It is difficult to manage resources properly in the absence of accurate information on the sizes and dynamics of stocks and on the environment they derive from.

  8. Lack of useable coastal roads, high temperatures, and inadequate on-shore infrastructures are also among the main problems restricting the production, processing, and marketing opportunities of artisan fisheries.