DP World Logistics Services and Transportation Discussions

Posted on: June 5th, 2018 by chamber

On March 21st, 2018 the Minister of Trade, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and a representative of Wajalaa’s business community facilitated dialogue in Wajaale, Somaliland with Dubai Port (DP) World, to discuss critical issues facing the private sector regarding transportation and logistics services. The objective of this dialogue was to engage road authorities, the Somaliland port authorities, Somaliland Customs Union and DP World on the obstacles facing the private sector to improve the transportation of imported goods to and from Berbera Port in effort to reduce transportation costs, create a robust transportation sector and a well managed freight logistics systems that facilitates trade and regional integration.

The Minister of Trade and representatives of the Chamber of Commerce elaborated on the need to continue to support the private sector to benefit from an elevated level of services of Dubai World. Representatives of the Chamber of Commerce expressed keen interest on issues of trade and transport facilitation, thus emphasizing the importance of key constraints in the private sector as a key stakeholder in trade and regional integration. DP World and Somaliland Port Authorities expressed their gratitude to the private sector for their participation; they noted the key recommendations made by the private sector community and understood the key factors affecting the community. In consolidation, DP World vowed to hold further discussions and draft solutions to overcome these critical issues.

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