Visiting of Turkish Business Delegates at Somaliland

Posted on: January 18th, 2015 by chamber

Visiting of Turkish Business delegates at Somaliland

The Somaliland Chamber of Commerce and Turkish delegates  meeting was convened from the 11thJanuary, 2015 at the Somaliland Chamber of Commerce Headquarter. The meeting was attended by delegates from Turkish Business Community, Somaliland Vice Minister of Trade and Investment, Business community especially those import goods from Turkey, and  Members of the chamber.

The Agenda was to create Somaliland-Turkish Trade Relationship and Trust Building between the Two Countries.

The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of the Chamber Mr. Mohamed Shukri Jama.

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Welcoming Statement by the Chairman of the chamber:

In his welcoming remarks, Mr. Mohamed Shukri, The Chairman of the Chamber, on behalf of Somaliland Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, welcomed the delegation, and emphasized the special   relationship between Turkish government and Somaliland .

The chairman reported that the people of Somaliland are interesting to have close relationship with Turkish people.

In 2013, during his stay at Turkey, The chairman said that he will never forget the hospitality of the Turkish people and how they welcomed and one good turn deserves another.

The chairman expressed as a businessman, he himself imports goods such as iron bars from Turkey and emphasized importance of Somaliland-Turkish Trade Relationship.The Chamber of Commerce understands and appreciates the importance of such Meeting.

As Chamber, Our vision is to Strive new bonds of commercial and investment cooperation between Somaliland’s business community and rest of the world. but The main obstacle to major foreign direct investment has been the ignorance on the part of potential investors about Somaliland’s well-established peace and stability as well as its economic potentials. However, Somaliland is signaling to all potential investors that it is “open for business,” having progressed from a post-conflict situation to a state of political stability and sustainable economic development. Underpinned by this transformation, Somaliland is now firmly in a period where it is able to encourage foreign investment.

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Turkish Delegates Statement:

The delegation talked about that Somaliland locates a strategic place, where Turkish Government plans to make a hub of East Africa Countries.

They emphasized to establish Electric Companies such as Solar Farms, and would take part Construction Business, because they have experienced man power and Technical know-how.

The delegates reiterated the potential Sectors of the country, And they are eager to provide Training’s, Technical-know and Consultancy. And need to know more about the Somaliland people such as their culture, Needs and so on.

They mentioned that they want to establish big Business projects and will bring as much products from Turkey with quality wise.

They are planning to set-up Communication Office at Somaliland, Hargeisa.


The Chairman concluded the Meeting and talked about that the Establishment of the Chamber of commerce goes back to 25the Oct 1993 under public law No: 35. As an independent entity owned by Somaliland business community, And That the chamber offers guidance and assistance to the Somaliland business community and the investors as well through providing market information and organizing fair shows events and also trade directory annually. We protect for our members their names and brands.

The organizational chart of the Chamber is, the General Assembly at the top, board of directors, Executive committee including chairman, two vice chairman, another four members and Secretary General.

We divide our members into five sectors depends on their categories and we have representatives in the main regions.


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Prepared by

Mowlid Ahmed Abdi,

Director of Planning and Coordination,

Somaliland Chamber of Commerce.






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